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Author: Wellington City Council
Copyright holders: Wellington City Council
Publication Date: 2012
Version: 1.0

This is an ebook application version of the Wellington City Council Draft Long Term Plan 2012-2022. Consultation begins 16 April 2012 and closes 18 May 2012.

This is a handy pocket edition based on the summary for use in iPhone and iPod Touch devices to review the matters that are important to your city. It is presented in separate table of contents controlled sections, and includes a live browser link to the Wellington.govt.nz website where you can gather additional information or submit feedback on the consultation during the period the consultation is open to public input. An introduction video from the Mayor, Celia Wade-Brown is included, as well as a highlights gallery and an in-app email submission form.

The app includes Airprint features to allow you to print out sections to a supported Airprint device for review. It also includes TVOut video mirroring support for use on monitors or projectors (using an appropriate adapter cable) to allow you to review the consultation in groups, or as part of a presentation.

This is for the city of Wellington in New Zealand.

Published by FSpace Publications on behalf of Wellington City Council. Use the store more info link or support email to contact Wellington City Council with enquiries related to the consultation of the content of this app. For technical support from the publishing developer, use the tech support link from the store page. The app contains links to Wellington City Council information pages and provides direct feedback mechanisms to Wellington City Council.

This app was withdrawn in 2013.

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