FSpaceRPG product profile

Author: Martin Rait
Interior illustrators: Martin Rait
Copyright holders: Martin Rait
Publication Date: 23 January 2011
Version: 1.0

Playing an Aronhi in the FSpace Roleplaying Game (or another feline species in another RPG), or are you a GM designing an Aronhi world, outpost or starship? You’ll need a way to generate quick words and names to add spice to your gaming environment.

This utility gives you a quick and easy way to generate words and names with a flavor similar those already used in the FSpaceRPG literature.

Use the native copy and paste functions to drop the words into your favourite application. Or view the app on the big screen or monitor of your choice, as this app supports video mirroring out (using appropriate adapter for iPhone4, iPad) to make it easier for you to use it with a group.

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