FSpaceRPG product profile

Author: Martin Rait
Interior illustrators: Aaron Barlow
Publication Date: 30 December 2008
Version: 0.11

d10 Dice roller

version 0.11

30 December 2008

A simple d10 dice roller application for Macintosh. For use by roleplayers with any game.

Put together by FSpace Publications for use by FSpaceRPG gamers. Based on code made available by Design Nation, photos of a commercial dice product and artwork owned by FSpace Publications.

Has been tested on a limited number of systems to date

System Requirements

Processor: Intel Core or PPC

Operating System: OS X 10.4 Tiger or 10.5 Leopard

To find out more about FSpaceRPG and this dice roller, visit www.fspacerpg.com

To provide feedback on this dice roller, drop a line by visiting


Version History

v0.11 30 December 2008

-Tested to work Intel 10.5 and PPC G4 10.4.11 systems

v0.1 31 May 2008

-Tested on Intel OS X Leopard systems

-Doesn’t work on PPC OS X Tiger systems

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