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Author: Philip Warnes
Cover Artist: Philip Warnes
Interior illustrators: Philip Warnes
Copyright holders: Philip Warnes
Publication Date: July 2019
Pages: 63 (applicable to print, PDF and R-series iPhone ebooks)
Version: 1.0
ISBN-13: 978-1-877573-65-1
EAN: 9781877573651

This is a catalog of starships for use with the Cepheus Engine (and Traveller).

It features a range of ships that can also be used with the Far Frontiers worlds Philip has written.

This book contains deckmlans, schematics, writeup and Cepheus Engine specs for a range of character level starships and small craft.

Plans include:

  • 35 ton Ship’s boat
    • plus Cargo variant
    • plus High Capacity Passegger Transport variant
    • plus Tanker variant
    • plus Deep System Life Boat variant
    • Ground attack fighter bomber variant
    • Heavy Ground attack fighter bomber variant
  • 10 ton light fighter
  • 60 ton Drop Capsule
  • 100 ton trader
  • 200 ton trader
  • 300 ton trader
  • 200 ton missile carrier
  • 300 ton military transport
    • plus Barracks ship variant
    • plus Frozen watch variant

And a scenario idea along with a world map and system data is provided to kick start your use of some of the ships.

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