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Author: Philip Warnes
Interior illustrators: Philip Warnes
Copyright holders: Philip Warnes
Publication Date: July 2018
Pages: 1 (applicable to print, PDF and R-series iPhone ebooks)
Version: 1.0

Whether you are using Far Encounters, Far Frontiers or Just The Plans (shipsheets) created by Philip Warnes for Cepheus or FSpaceRPG you’ll want to get tabletop counters to represent his worlds and starships to use for your gaming.

This collection brings together a mix of starship counters, planet counters and printable A4 space themed basemaps to enhance your tabletop space opera experiences - all done from Philip’s creative output or personal astrophotography.

Included are 6 A4 hex basemaps designed to printed, cut up and used to present a great backdrop for the opther counters.

8 Planet counters including:

  • Ironside (from Far Frontiers Ironside)
  • Luna Rossa (from Far Frontiers Ironside)
  • Little Eyeball (from Far Frontiers Little Eyeball)
  • Zebrea
  • Feraerfon (from Far Frontiers Feraerfon)
  • Rhodora (from Far Frontiers Rhodora)
  • Ziili (from Far Frontiers Ziili & Tempest)
  • Tempest(from Far Frontiers Ziili & Tempest)

Various Starship counters including:

  • Drop Capsule
  • 2x Light fighter
  • Zhenzhu class gunship
  • Vanity Rose yacht
  • Ship’s Boat (for Vanity Rose)
  • Sentry probe mk 1
  • Starship Valkaryie
  • Explorer scout
  • 100ton moontrader
  • 200ton missile carrier boat
  • 200 ton Robby class trader
  • 300 ton Bunjil class light military transport
  • 300 ton Bunjil class trader
  • Atmospheric Shuttle (found on Feraerfon) available in space and atmospheric background

Along with some extra associated counters for:

  • AirRover used by the Ship’s Boat (in atmopsheric background)
  • Ground based anti-starship missile launcher
  • 2 anti-starship missilee in atmospheric flight

So plenty of counters to get going. Many of the ships can be found as plans, some in Far Frontiers book supplements, the Drop Capsule in Federation Times 14, and several more to arrive in forthcoming detailed books. Even if you don’t have the books and plans, it is a little great starter for starship tabletop purposes.

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