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Author: Martin Rait
Interior illustrators: Martin Rait, Philip Warnes
Publication Date: September 2017
Pages: 14 (applicable to print, PDF and R-series iPhone ebooks)
Version: 1.0

Love tabletop board gaming?

Love airships, zeppellins and hot air balloons?

This is our first set of hex airship counters.

Done in a mix of artistic, photo-realistic artistic renderings and model photos delivered in various artistic renders (6-12 of each render) for you to choose a style that suits you, or use the different styles to represent different factions, squadrons or teams.

26 different originals from an early French airship, various World War 1 designs, some World War 2 era, a post war US blimp, several modern hot air balloons and blimps and a handful of skyships for the world of Rhodora in our Far Frontiers Rhodora product.

Not all airships are labelled, so you can use the unlabelled ones for a range of different airships. For those games with a range of tech levels, this counter pack with unlabelled airships allows you to assign them to various airships found on worlds of your choice.

Use these with our AirGrid hex bases, or for air versus naval battles, with our sea hex bases. Use the world war 2 airships included in this product to complement our SeaLion Supremacy WW2 naval wargaming rules - adding some extra spice.

Or use these counters with other games of your choosing. Scale and print as applicable.

Designs include:

  • 2 modern airships (6 or 10 styles each)
  • 7 Rhodoran sky ships (8 or 9 styles each)
  • 4 hot air balloons (8 or 10 styles each)
  • 1 French 1852 era airship (9 styles)
  • 1 UK WW1 scout (9 styles)
  • 1 USA World War 2 era (9 styles)
  • 2 USA 1950s era (9 styles)
  • 1 German 1900 era LZ-1 Zeppelin (10 styles)
  • 1 German 1909 era LZ-7 Zeppelin (9 styles)
  • 1 German 1928 era LZ-127 Graf Zeppelin (9 styles)
  • 2 German WW1 era P class Zeppelins (9 or 10 styles)
  • 3 misc artistic airships (9 or 12 styles each)

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