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Author: Martin Rait
Cover Artist: Aaron Barlow
Copyright holders: Martin Rait
Publication Date: Initial October 2017, Latest March 2019
Pages: 588 (latest release) (applicable to print, PDF and R-series iPhone ebooks)
Version: 1.0.12
ISBN-13: 978-1-877573-42-2
EAN: 9781877573422

The FSpaceRPG Living Rulebook is an all in one rulebook containing rules, information and scenarios for the personal character scale science fiction roleplaying game FSpaceRPG.

Unlike other editions this book will be constantly updated - and where vendors allow you’ll be able to access these updates free (read applicable terms). This is being launched on the OneBookshelf first

Current sources merged into this book include:

  • Alternative Skills
  • Boarding Action scenario
  • Concise Rulebook 4.2.x
  • Derelict Encounter scenario
  • Equipment Guide v1.1
  • Federation Times, issues 9, 10, 12, 13 – some articles
  • Federation Times, issue 11
  • Library Data 2177AD
  • Psionic System v1.1
  • Quinkose Contact scenario
  • Robot Guide v1
  • Rough Rider – vehicle spec only
  • Serpenti Regional Maps v1
  • Some articles from our website
  • And brand new content unique to this publication.

Look out for our August 2017 update!


In the late 22nd century mankind expands to the stars, only to discover that humanity’s troublesome nationalism is a poor template for interstellar wrangling in which the balkanistic cultures of Earth pale into insignificance. Lying directly in the path of the Stotatl Empire’s expansions, humanity must both defend itself whilst forging unlikely alliances with aliens facing a similar absorption.

Whether you are a Terran soldier or an Aronhi Warrior, the goal of survival is a common goal. Success is only found where wit and courage stand in the face of fear, and victories are forged in the furnaces of battle. But not all the glory lies in the hands of warriors. Exploring the vast wilderness of space, charting the dangers, uncovering the treasures and establishing friendships can build the on the foundations of survival.

The conflict, intrigue, action and adventure of these times provide an exciting roleplaying environment for players, whether they are the space marines of a battlefleet, traders on the lanes of commerce, spies on a mission, or just adventure-seeking  tourists in the void of space-time. The limits of play are only bounded by the imagination of its inhabitants, and the infinite universe.

This book gives you everything you need to run a character level science fiction roleplaying game based in the FSpaceRPG™ universe. This book is packed with information and combines many previous publications into it. For further background refer to our website.

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