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Author: Philip Warnes
Cover Artist: Aaron Barlow & Martin Rait
Interior illustrators: Philip Warnes, Aaron Barlow, Martin Rait
Copyright holders: Philip Warnes & FSpace Publications
Publication Date: July 2015
Pages: 28 (applicable to print, PDF and R-series iPhone ebooks)
Version: 1.0
ISBN-13: 978-1-877573-10-1
EAN: 9781877573101

Far Frontiers Serkur is an abbreviated world supplement for you to drop into a science fiction interstellar spanning campaign setting. Serkur is a habitable world with 3 Earth descended colonies with a history of tension fighting over the resources of this world.. It contains a full colour world map of the main world, zoomed details showing major cities, details of the characteristics of the world, its general history and plenty of ideas on which to base adventure scenarios.

Use this supplement to add some detail to your campaign with another world that adds some colour to the travels of your adventurers through the vastness of space.

This supplement is suitable for use with Traveller, Space Opera, Star Wars, Star Trek, FSpaceRPG and a myriad of other scifi settings. Written by a long standing fan of the Traveller RICE paper concept, and based on his first world done for the no long gone Meshan TNE project, this supplement brings back that world concept in a generic form for you to use with any RPG.

For more details about how this world might fit into specific game campaign settings, check out the various For Use With articles for this product at the FSpaceRPG.com website.

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