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Author: Martin Rait with Gary Ammundsen, Aaron Barlow and Tony Harris
Cover Artist: Julian Knap and Martin Rait
Publication Date: December 2009
Pages: 104 (applicable to print, PDF and R-series iPhone ebooks)
Version: 1.0
ISBN-13: 978-1-877485-75-6
EAN: 9781877485756

This publication is a compilation of early development versions of older development universes and proposals for variant universes.

They were individual documents found on our 1999, March 2000, v2 and v3/2001 CDROMs.

    It is compilation of the original and development versions of:
  • Andorian History (universe 2)
  • House Nexus (universe 2)
  • Mechs - The Enemy (universe 2)
  • Planets (universe 2)
  • Starlist (universe 2)
  • Stotatl (universe 2 and 3)
  • Timeline (universe 2)
  • Aliens (universe 2 and 3)
  • The Aronhi The 50 Year War (universe 3)
  • Chloran Conflict (universe 3 and possibly 2)
  • Empires (universe 3)
  • History of Conflict with Mech Civilisation (universe 3)
  • Mech Programming (universe 3)
  • Mechs - The Enemy (universe 4)
  • Mech Combat Units (universe 3)
  • Mobile Gun Platform (universe 3)
  • Military Forces (universe 3)
  • Organisations (universe 3)
  • Planetary Notes (universe 3)
  • Timeline (universe 3)
  • Interstellar Empires (universe 4.1)
  • The Silteran Mystery (universe 4.1)
  • Sta*Vir’a Notes - Insectoids (universe 4.1)
  • Stotatl Cultists (universe 4.1)
  • Vampyres (universe 4.2)
  • Universe 4.12
  • Crossbow construction notes
  • Fendarena
  • Uplift Terran Weapons
It is also a helpful look into the evolution of product development by a team of indie game developers. It also provides details on slightly different settings a GM may wish to use, or have as a place to visit in the FSpaceLynks framework

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