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Interior illustrators: Aaron Barlow, Catherine Goodman, Martin Rait et al
Editors: Martin Rait
Publication Date: April 1999
Pages: 41 (applicable to print, PDF and R-series iPhone ebooks)
Version: 1.0
ISSN: 1174-8710

Fanzine for Traveller roleplaying

Notice of land grant = Omoysheb by R.F.
Notice of land grant - Osan by R.F.
Proposed Meshan sector web navigaion by R.F.
Gossian Miliatry: Development Notes by R.F.
Meshan Subsector Lists
Lues Meshan Subsector B by R.F.
Ungersol Meshan Subsecor C by R.F.
Dekesh Meshan Subsector D by R.F.
Yonder Meshan Subsector E by R.F.
Arena Meshan Subsector F by R.F.
Varson Meshan Subsector G by R.F.
A new campaign start point by R.F.
NZ Colonies in the Solomani Sphere part II by Martin Rait
Jerman Map - 1120 by R.F.

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This issue is available on the TMS CDr2 and is part of The original Meshan Saga Anthology.

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