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Author: Martin Rait with David Hughes and Andrew Russell
Cover Artist: Martin Rait
Interior illustrators: Aaron Barlow, Stephen Leon, Martin Rait, Kim Styles
Publication Date: July 2008
Pages: 31 (applicable to print, PDF and R-series iPhone ebooks)
Version: 1
ISBN-10: 1-877485-28-4
ISBN-13: 978-1-877485-28-2
EAN: 9781877485282

The scrapbook is a collection of discussion documents aimed at GMs wanting some further information to help flesh out details for the universe and some rules

    Articles include:
  • Subterranean vehicles - The practicality of drillcars
  • Suggested military force sizes for Victoria
  • Galactic history and it’s relevance to gaming
  • Armco - technology
  • Alien lifeform concept discussion
  • Large calibre infantry weapons
  • Mass combat considerations
  • Andorian history
  • Coalition cybernetic technology
  • Wymax Incorporated

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OCLC: 319158507
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