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Author: Martin Rait
Copyright holders: Martin Rait
ISBN-13: 978-1-877573-22-4


This book is designed to expand on the Starship booklet PDF already released. It should cover major aspects of starship operation, design, operational costs and combat.

It should also provide a range of adventure oriented starships (meaning smaller vessels), along with a few capital class ships to illustrate the formidable military vessels that may be encountered by civilian vessels out near the edges of explored space.

The book should mainly deal with the variety of Terran Alliance vessels in service as at 2175, as well as highlight any significant vessels built in earlier decades (back to about the 2150s) that may still be seen in service.

All ship designs should comply with sanctioned design spreadsheets and include ship data, deckplans (for all ships under 2000 tons displacement), and a picture.

The guide should be about 128 pages long and contain details on at least 40 significant vessels. It should expand on all vessels presented in the Concise Rulebook and the Starship PDF.

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