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Author: Martin Rait
Pre-approved compilation

Product Line Manager: Martin Rait

This book is designed to detail Terran colonial worlds and outposts throughout their sphere of influence.

It is designed to be set in the year 2175, at the end of the Serpenti War.

Each world should have a full description of the solar system in which it resides, along wih a full planetological description and world map for itself. A complete background of the world’s outpost or colonial history should be given along with detailed description of any events during the war. Major population centers and industries should be identified and detailed, along with any major geographic or biologic points of significance.

Full starmaps of the colonial territories should be given along with pertinant trade data and stnadard trade routes, whether by hyperdrive or stargate.

The guide should be about 128 pages long and contain details on at least 20 significant worlds. It should expand on all worlds presented in the Concise Rulebook.

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