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Author: Martin Rait
Cover Artist: Aaron Barlow
Publication Date: 2001
Inventory on hand at FSpace Publications: 100
Version: 3

Get a NZ book based science fiction roleplaying game on a CDROM. Save heaps compared with buying individual ebooks from other merchants. A complete collection of FSpaceRPG ebooks, computer aids and beta documents on one CD. This CD contains a range of FSpace material giving you a quick start package for the entire game including the 231 page v4 rulebook as well as library data book v1 (26 pages), Turram Encounter scenario v1.1 (53 pages), Equipment Resource v1 (53 pages), Tech Update v1, Personality module v1.1, Psionic system 1999 and many others! Over 60 ebooks and documents are present. All ebook material is presented in Adobe Acrobat format.

Comes with a range of computer utilities useful for gaming activities on older computer platforms. A full range of utilities for a range of computer platforms that will help you read, surf and publish your own FSpace material is also provided. These include Netscape, Acrobat Reader, Graphic Converter, Coffee Cup HTML editor and a whole host of others. And if that’s not all it includes a range of computer utilities to help you in your other roleplaying activities including material for Traveller, Shadowrun, Rolemaster, 2300AD and AD&D amongst others.

And to relax it includes a number of games such as Realmz, Avernum and Nethergate. And to top it all off it has the source code and documentation for an opensource computer based roleplaying game, Arianne RPG for you play around with (has nice MP3 themes).

The entire CDROM is packed with as much as could technically fit on it.

Professional glass mastered CDROM for long life with offset printed CD case inserts this is a quality manufactured distribution of this product.

    FSpace v3 2001 CD Ebook List
  • 1991 Rulebook
  • 1991 Rulebook v2
  • Fed RPG Rules Addendum v1.0 May 1999
  • Fed RPG Equipment v1.0 May 1999
  • Fed RPG Universe 1 v1.0 June 1999
  • Federation Times 1
  • Federation Times 2
  • Federation Times 3
  • Federation Times 4
  • Federation Times 5
  • Federation Times 6
  • Federation Times 7
  • FSpace 1995 KAPCON Rulebook
  • FSpace 1995 v2 Rulebook
  • Alien character profiles
  • Armoury preview
  • Aronhi Profile
  • Conspiracy 97 Skills
  • Careers section
  • Character Sheet
  • Derelict Encounter 1.1 scenario
  • FSpace v3 Rulebook
  • FSpace v3.1 Rulebook
  • FSpace RPG Equipment v1.0 May 1999
  • FSpace Roleplaying Kuetques discussion document
  • Equipment Resource v1.0
  • F-Files
  • FED Times issue 1 April 1998
  • FSpaceRPG Net Rules v1.1 April 1999
  • Net Rules 2.0
  • On Ice
  • Personality Profiles v1
  • Psionic System 1999
  • Starships websheet
  • Starship construction spreadsheets
  • FSpaceRPG Submission Guidelines June 1999
  • Technology Update
  • FSpaceRPG Universe 4.12 June 1999
  • Weapons websheet
  • Creation of Federation RPG article
  • Dex Dexter article
  • FED Introduction article
  • Federation RPG New Zealand article
  • Various documents including:
    • Air Rover
    • Argus Industries
    • Kims Concepts - Large Calibre Infantry Weapons
    • FSpace Roleplaying Component v1 Mailing List Discussions
    • Mass Combat Considerations
    • Reconteur Merchantman version 1.0
    • Soft Touch Co-op
    • Wymax Incorporated
    • 12mm Yuzzen Revolver
    • An Embryonic Magic System for Use with FSpace
    • Psionics Rules - proposal for FED RPG
    • Alternative Proposal for Skill System
    • Drillcar practicality proposal
    • Drixat alien race
    • Gary’s alien proposals
    • Issues in Heir to the Throne
    • McDougal Space v1
    • SAS Suggested Forced sizes for Victoria
    • Dave’s Survival notes
  • The Meshan Saga issues 1-10

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