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Author: Martin Rait
Cover Artist: Aaron Barlow and Martin Rait
Publication Date: December 1999
Inventory on hand at FSpace Publications: 10

This CD contains a range of FSpace material giving you a quick start package for the entire game.

It includes the 1995 KAPCON Rulebook as well as the Equipment Guide Volume 1. All material is presented in Adobe Acrobat format, and the reader is supplied for popular platforms.

The CD also contains various resource materials and popular RPG shareware aids for a varierty of platforms.

Preview booklet shows some pages from NetRules and Rulebook.

    December 1999 CD Ebooks List
  • 1991 Rulebook
  • 1991 Rulebook v2
  • Fed RPG Rules Addendum v1.0 May 1999
  • Fed RPG Equipment v1.0 May 1999
  • Fed RPG Universe 1 v1.0 June 1999
  • FSpace 1995 KAPCON Rulebook
  • FSpace 1995 v2 Rulebook
  • Armoury preview
  • Aronhi Profile
  • Conspiracy 97 Skills
  • Character Sheet
  • FSpace v3 Rulebook
  • FSpace RPG Equipment v1.0 May 1999
  • Equipment Resource v1.0
  • F-Files
  • FED Times issue 1 April 1998
  • FSpaceRPG Net Rules v1.1 April 1999
  • Net Rules 2.0
  • On Ice
  • Psionic System 1999
  • Starships websheet
  • Starship construction spreadsheets
  • FSpaceRPG Submission Guidelines June 1999
  • FSpaceRPG Universe 4.12 June 1999
  • Weapons websheet

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