FSpaceRPG product profile

Author: Martin Rait
Cover Artist: Aaron Barlow
Publication Date: 2013
Inventory on hand at FSpace Publications: 20
Version: 1.0

The complete collection of FSpaceRPG ebooks, computer aids and beta documents on one DVD-R. CDs were too small to fit every single FSpaceRPG & FEDRPG publications we’ve done onto one volume. So we’ve supersized the CD to a DVD-R to give you every publication we’ve done, along with more tools from other vendors.

Comes with a range of computer utilities useful for a range of science fiction and fantasy RPGs, along with some recreational computer games. Crossplatform with Mac, Windows and Linux support. Plus some other platform support for some items (OS2, DOS, Atari, PocketPC, PalmOS). Note our own iOS and Android titles are not on this collection and must be obtained from the relevant AppStore. Many of our own Windows and OSX tools are on this DVD.

This product is updated every so often to include the latest gaming publications we’ve released.

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