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Author: Philip Warnes
Interior illustrators: Martin Rait
Copyright holders: Philip Warnes
Publication Date: May 2019
Pages: 1 (applicable to print, PDF and R-series iPhone ebooks)
Version: 1.0

This ship is depicted as she appeared in 1945. At that time she was under the Polish flag as the ORP Conrad. Originally HMS Danae, the ship was handed over to the free Polish navy in October 1944 and renamed Conrad.

The model is as 1945, but can be used any time from 1943 onwards. By that time the twin 4” weapon had been added, and can be seen on top of the rear deckhouse, aft of X turret. The single 20mm cannons were replaced by twin powered mounts, which have given a more blocky appearance to represent the loading gear, mounting etc.

Gamers can conceivably use this model as early as 1943. She still had her torpedo tubes mounted. They were removed in 1944, and hence not depicted on the model. 1:3000 scale world war 2 tabletop miniature. Simple one piece model design for smaller scales and tweaked to ensure as compliant as possible with Shapeways production.

Designed by Philip Warnes and can be used at a larger hex scale with his SeaLion Supremacy game. Suitable for other tabletop naval wargames that use this scale.

3D print on demand available in various material selections depending on vendor offerings.

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Category: Miniatures - Naval 1-3000 scale