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Author: Philip Warnes
Interior illustrators: Martin Rait
Copyright holders: Philip Warnes
Publication Date: April 2019
Pages: 1 (applicable to print, PDF and R-series iPhone ebooks)
Version: 1.0

The Behemoth Mk1 is a super-heavy multi-role fighting vehicle that attempts to combine the impact effect of two heavy anti-armour railguns mounted in a single twin turret, the ability to carry a small number of troops wearing heavy powered armour, and four anti-personnel machine-rail guns and anti-personnel fragmentation packages for defense against enemy infantry. It is a bit of an oddity because it is part tank and part land ship.

Presented for use with the German Army in FSpaceRPG, but can be used with any science fiction game. For those using Traveller, this could be closely related attempt by the Solomani to match and outgun the Imperial Marine APC featured in some of that game’s literature.

Presented as a one piece model for use with tabletop figures at 25mm. Designed by Philip Warnes.

3D print on demand available in various material selections depending on vendor offerings.

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Category: Miniatures - Grav vehicle 25mm scale