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Author: Philip Warnes
Interior illustrators: Martin Rait
Copyright holders: Philip Warnes
Publication Date: December 2018
Pages: 7 (applicable to print, PDF and R-series iPhone ebooks)
Version: 1.0

This is a basic 3D model for the Lion 2 Extra Large Grav Tank.

Model complexity is suitable for tabletop miniature purposes and scaling down to various small wargaming sizes. Various models are included in the pack set - one normal, one with an MSL armament package and another with an MSH aramament package - all assembled. Kit also contains main body and turrets for the various models - allowing you to position the turret facing the way you like.

A companion booklet accompanies the model, providing some tips and tables for scaling the miniature to various wargaming sizes.

Background information is provided for the Lion 2 for use in the FSpaceRPG universe, including a complete specification sheet for use with the roleplaying game mechanics found in the core rules.

STL model file sales for home printing are for personal non-commercial usage - full terms are found in companion booklet.

Print on demand options in various materials available from some vendors.

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Category: Miniatures - Grav Vehicles