FSpaceRPG product profile

Author: Martin Rait
Cover Artist: Aaron Barlow
Interior illustrators: Aaron Barlow, Martin Rait & Julian Knap
Copyright holders: FSpace Publications

We’ve bundled an extensive amount of material for FSpaceRPG into a single iOS app title along with tools to help you out in your gaming.

This is the one stop shop for all things FSpaceRPG related in the iOS world.

Currently its content covers the following books:

  • Concise Rulebook 4.2
  • Kuetqies profile
  • Alt Universes beta files
  • Boarding Action Scenario beta
  • Conspiracy 97 con skills
  • Daryn Throne Dalelands
  • Developer beta files
  • Equipment Guide v1.2
  • Main beta files
  • Net Rules 2
  • Psionic system v1.1
  • Quinkose scenario beta
  • Robots guide
  • Serpenti regional maps
  • Universe 3 cartography
  • Alt Skills
  • Aronhi profile
  • Solarians
  • F-Files
  • Quinkose scenario

It also includes the following tools:

  • d10 dice roller
  • Calculator
  • Stat Generator
  • Skill Check
  • Damage Calc
  • HyperDrive
  • PulseWarp
  • rocket trv time
  • rocket acc time
  • planet age
  • planet temperature
  • nuke calculator
  • crater size calculator
  • Aronhi word Generator
  • spin habitat
  • flywheel energy storage
  • horse name generator
  • japenese word generator
  • planet position

This app is jam packed with lots of our former individual app titles and replaces them.

We’ll be actively maintaining this app and expanded on what is available within it on a very regular basis. Get it today and support the growth of this traditional book and dice RPG in an app!

Where to buy

iPhoneOS app/ebook app
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iPhoneOS versions contain material copyright to FSpace Publications in addition to credited copyright holders.

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