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English, former New Zealand and Australian resident
Development status: Active
Based: London, United Kingdom

Robert has been involved with FSpaceRPG since it began in 1991. Robert and Martin Rait had been associated earlier, since 1985 in various gaming groups.

He has been involved as an editor for the main rulebook, martial arts, equipment guides and library data and worked on materials including the Alternative Skills supplement along with providing background on his own race, the 'IceCats' for use with the related race the Ilkanians.

Robert has also acted in the capacity of editor for the Classic Traveller Meshan Sector project, and provided a number of ideas for further development.

He is currently developing a set of roleplaying materials, including his own RPG title and other scenarios. These will be published by FSpace Publications at some point in the future.

Robert is an IT management professional and works for Cubic in London.

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