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New Zealander
Development status: Inactive
Based: Wellington, New Zealand

Michael was extensively involved with FSpaceRPG during it's first development year in 1991 as one of the founding members and worked in the project for the first decade. He was involved both as a playtester, and then in later years undertaking both character, corporate, technology and scenario development. Some of these materials have been included in published materials, while a scenario remains to be published at some point in the future based on his work.

FSpaceRPG information such as Dex Dexter, The Cougar Unit and Blackstone Research are based on his work.

Michael was one of the core members of Martin Rait's RPG group dating back to 1984 during which time both of them formulated many of the ideas that were to be included in the FED and FSpace games.

Michael is a professional chef and has worked throughout New Zealand in the entertainment, tourism and hospitality sectors.

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