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New Zealander
Development status: Active
Based: Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Martin is the creator of FSpace and its primary developer and advocate. Martin is responsible for all the mobile app development.

Martin undertakes most of the major tasks for developing the game, being its most prolific writer, a modest artist, graphic designer, production manager, art director, primary GM, marketing manager, iPhone developer and basically any other function you care to name.

Through development of this game he propelled himself into the graphic design and pre-press industries in 1995, followed by the web industry in 1998. He sees the RPG project as a valuable learning and skill development tool.

Martin was originally educated at Victoria University gaining both a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts in Education. His major subjects were in Geology, Education and Management. Since then he has returned to Victoria to gain a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing, and has also gained a National Diploma in Design and another in Business Administration.

Martin has been active in the gaming community primarially in the Traveller sphere of influence, and is still supporting development for that game system, albeit at a lower level due to commitments with FSpace and the forthcoming Tayana product. He contributed a range of articles over the years to Generals, Dragons and Dice including a regular column. He published The Meshan Saga for Traveller Meshan Sector work. He undertook boardgame map work for Jolly Rodger Games on Chopping Maul and the Origins Award winning Orcs at the Gates.

Martin has worked professional in the areas of design (print/web), web & iPhone development, print management, prepress and project management. He currently works as a contractor to several organisations.

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