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At the beginning of September, Wellington will host the Armaggeddon Pulp Expo at the Michael Fowler Centre.

All the major exhibitors signed up for Welligton that were at Auckland earlier this year.

Other vendors will of course be present, as well as your truly in the guise of Fspace Publications. Apart from FSpaceRPG, we should be exhibiting some other NZ RPGs that have come across of desk from other sources.

We welcome NZGDG to develop a promotional exhibit, beyond the logo poster I made for Auckland. I’d suggest someone design a handout, like I suggested for Auckland.

We are also interested in any kinds of stock for sale, whether orginal, new or used for RPGs, scifi, fantasy topics and the like.

We are appearing with games, books, merchandise, posters, CDs, videos and DVDs.

We’d like to promote NZ made products, so all you budding game writers who have something decent, let me know. We may even be able to help you take your current project to a saleable state.

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