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Medical science developed a cure for male baldness during the 21st century. The development of Follicular cell implantation is derived from cloning technology and involving creating a unlimited supply of the individual’s hair that can be implanted to replace lost hair without the risk of rejection of compatible donor hairs or synthetic products.

With the advent of nano medical robotic technology, follicule restoration, cleaning, cell implantation and stimulated growth systems can allow human males an ongoing sustainable method of continuing to grow hair without the appearance of loosing it, or requiring repeated visits to a hair clinic.

However some males choose to have bald heads, whether deliberately shaved, or a choice to allow natural processes to take place and produce a natural bald look. Many males and females think male baldness can be attractive, and a number of males cultivate the bald, bad boy or buff hero look that has been common throughout history.

Most males make the choice to have a full head of hair, so the level of baldness has reduced significantly over time.

Some women who suffer major hair loss with age also tend to adopt these treatments.

Medical research is still investigating a permanent genetic solution to baldness. Whether ethics councils will allow parents to choose to apply such a solution to unborn male children is still not known. The debate has raged for over a century about such practices.

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