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In-vitro fertilisation (IVF) techniques can be coupled with a Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) to test embryos for serious inherited genetic conditions. Embryos with serious conditions aren’t implanted. What has been controversial over a considerable period of time is that the PGD tests can be used to determine gender. Many cultural and spiritual groups have campaigned to allow parents to choose the gender of their offspring, as such selection is banned in many countries by their various government bioethics councils.

In the late 21st century the gender selection of embryos by parents in various asian countries where no ban was in place and the procedure became quite cheap, a huge imbalance in gender levels towards males appeared. This reduced the level of breeding population because of lower levels of women. It may have been seen a a method of reducing national population levels over time.

However it created elevated social troubles, and often higher levels of sex crimes. By the 22nd century most countries legislated appropriate procedures to control gender selection. While still possible, it monitored and controlled the level at which it could be done, typically as a limited number of selections per year, done as a lottery from potential applicants.

Other procedures related to gene therapy applied to embryos to change their sex prior to significant development have also been trialed, along with modifications to other parts of the genome to select for particular traits, or remove less desirable ones.

Legislation is very vague and variable on the subject of genetic manipulation, but it is seen as a method of correcting recognised disorders and allowing embryos that would have otherwise been discarded to be used, and give otherwise unborn children a chance at life.

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