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Status: Official

Cost: $500
Weight: 0.4kg

This device is similar to the audio word processor in some of it’s operations. It’s main purchase is to transcribe spoken language into written text for other languages.

It does so using a combination of languages cards. One is a typical audio language card, while it uses a special textural language card as well.

It resembles a small slate like device about 8cm across by 5cm tall and about 1cm thick. It’s front face is a high resolution multi-touch sensitive colour epaper screen which includes OLED backlighting for lowlight conditions.

The unit comes inbuilt with unidirectional microphones inbuilt around it’s edges, as well as wired and wireless connectivity for a dedicated microphone, headset or even connectivity to an audio feed fro a neural jack. It also has external connections for networking and power.

It has two card slots for language cards, and come with a power supply that can power the device for about 400 hours of sustained operation. It’s reverse surface is a solar charger. Most users tend to find they never need to recharge this device.

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