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All material related to FSpaceRPG, FED RPG, SeaLion Supremacy, Far Encounters, Far Frontiers and TayanaRPG is copyright © 1990-2019 Martin Rait and respective authors/artists. FSpaceRPG, FED RPG, SeaLion Supremacy, Far Encounters, Far Frontiers and TayanaRPG are trademarks of Martin Rait. Portions of FSpaceRPG are copyright of the contributors or is used under licence. All right reserved.

Portions of these game systems are presented on this website and others throughout the world. The material is provided for personal use only, and is not intended for publication by any means, in any media save those authorised by the publisher, namely FSpace Publications. Refer to individual publications, documents and software applications for licences that may vary from normal copyright.

This website may feature commentary regarding products and games for other vendors, and is meant purely as a community resource/commentary. It is not intended to infringe on the rights of other vendors and their associates. Refer to any specific franchise for rights related to any mentioned.

Chief Game Concept Designer
Martin Rait

SeaLion Supremacy Designer
Philip Warnes

Major product writers
Gary Ammundsen, Robert Bettelheim, Rick Meadows, Stephen Pritchard, Andrew Russell, Philip Warnes

Robert Bettelheim, Jessica Ihimaera-Smiler, Tony Pritchard, Martin Rait

Aaron Barlow, Chris Carew, Tina Carter, Campbell Fairweather, Catherine Goodman, Julian Knap, Stephen Leon, Alison Pritchard, Stephen Pritchard, Martin Rait, Tim Shepherd, Ian Witham

Rick Meadows, Stephen Pritchard, Martin Rait, Philip Warnes

Aaron Barlow, Martin Rait

3D Modellers
Aaron Barlow, Stephen Pritchard, Martin Rait, Tim Shepherd, Philip Warnes

Martin Rait, Philip Warnes

Additional contributors
David Hughes, Philip Johnson, Michael Kerse, Blair Rhodes, Kim Styles, Philip Warnes

Website design, development and hosting
Martin Rait

Graphic design and production management
Martin Rait

Application development
Aaron Barlow, Martin Rait, Andrew Russell, Tim Shepherd

Casual play testers
Campbell Fairweather, Raymond MacIntyre, Peter Noble, Tony Quirke and the participants at KAPCON 95, Kapcon XI Wellington 2002, Conspiracy 1997, Conspiracy 2 2007 and players at the Wellington Games Forum since 1990.

Special thanks
Philip Banks, Steve Hepburn, Steven Wells and to Steve Martin for his advice, opinions and publishing of initial FED RPG materials in Generals, Dragons and Dice issues 16, July 1991 and 17, August 1991.
Neil Price for the odd helpful photo.

Principal funders
Martin Rait with the generous assistance of Stephen Pritchard and Andrew Russell.

Licenced illustrations
Material copyright by Julian Knap is used with kind permission.

Stock image sources
Products and this website use a range of stock image sources under licence, including Photodisc, MediaPlus, Clickart and Corel Image Gallery.

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