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It seems as an RPG we’ll be very much in the minority. We should focus on the basics given we have access to only 2x 2hour slots in normal rooms. 1. Tabletop combat We should run Boarding Action. It’s a simple tabletop combat game. With some pregenerated characters we can save time. And if we let them choose equipment for their armoury, it lets them spend some planning, interaction and getting familiar with the rulebook before we launch them into the scenario. And the great thing is we have artwork for this scenario now that no one has seen, and the options for the scenario have increased. It’s basically several scenarios based on the one ship class. I propose for this that as many developers make it run the opposition. Ensures the GM gets to guide everyone without running opposition. This keeps it balanced and lets developers and new users interact. 2. Short RPG Scenario Short RPG game. I have a small search and retrieve scenario in mind. Includes some personal combat, but should give a good balance of things along with some backdrop on the universe and some inter-empires tension backdrop. Couple of alien races involved etc. It’s really a rewrite of a scenario I wrote for another RPG 15 years ago. I’m in the middle of rewriting it for FSpace. 3. Developer Game If Gary and Philip are going to be 100% present, then I book a room for at least 1 night. Ideally be nice to rope in at least 1 extra person we know. And then we run a developers RPG game for the evening over drinks and food. I have a scenario in mind, something I’ve had on my cards for 9 years now and wanted to do with you. It will help peel back another layer of events unfolding. And if you want a 2nd night or more, then I’m more than willing. If expenses for rooms at hotel are a problem, we can always do it at my place, especially if Gary is staying with me. Flexible either way. 4. Public RPG session in a rented room An idea if we really want is to hire a normal room and run some games within them. The events can even be put on the schedule of events. This can let us do any other ideas we might have. One of you might even want to run a game for the fun of it. We could even collaborate. Treat it as an opportunity to develop an idea of yours, put it in action, see how it works and have me there to help run things and take notes :-) Might be something Gary might like, since he’s done quite a few scenarios in the past. Maybe Gary might like to run Madness is Golden using the few pieces of art we have generated for it and other materials. He could run it to flesh it out more. Or possibly his other older Polyp scenario since we only produced resource material for it. Or possibly his newer Kuetques Rockbox retrieval scenario concept. We have so many possibilities to do. and to be honest, with some minimal prep on some handouts the rest can be managed off the cuff, or simply scribbled down on notepaper before the session while consuming a few ales at the bar :-) I welcome suggestion, comments, criticisms and commitments. Cheers

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