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The Armageddon event proved to be great fun. FSpaceRPG shipped to more users, and we look forward to them participating in our gaming community.

At the event we showcased some paintings by Julian Knap, one of the artists involved in artwork for FSpace a few years ago. Several of his oil paintings including his dinosaur painting featured on the stand and we were selling mousepad products we had made based on them.

We also featured stock from the following organisations:

Like Auckland, our veneralbe Apple Macinotsh Blue & White G3 with an LCD screen attracted a lot of attention. On sunday with the Harmon Kardon sound system plugged in, classics like Quake III Arena and Unreal Tournament kept extremely busy, and kept the Microsoft guys opposite busy trying to compete, and getting hoarse voices in the process.

At Wellington we set up a small adjoining area as a Kid’s Chill Out Area with Macs running delightful games such as Bugdom. Turned out to be a bigger hit than even our stand, or the G3. Sometimes the area was empty like the photographs, but at other times this area was packed with onlookers and kinds wanting to get in on the action. The orgaznisers of the vent were extremely pleased with our use of this area.

Thanks toMagnumMac Wellington for supplying the iMac and Apple promotional material.

The Performa, Blue & White G3, Titanium Powerbook and other Apple hardware provided by us from our gear at FSpace Publications.

Photos were taken on a rather bad pocket digital camera.

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