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The Armageddon event proved to be great fun. FSpaceRPG shipped to more users, and we look forward to them participating in our gaming community.

The event marked the launch of our new CDROM product and a number of wire and spiral bound books including:

  • The Reference Manual
  • The Concise Rulebook
  • The Turram Encounter
  • Library Data 1.0
Gary, our Forerunner managed to score TV air time on TV3 news along with the Darleks and Dr Who (alias Colin Baker).

Gary our Forerunner was found all over the convention and was signed by many guests. We’ve been wondering whether he’s responsible for mind controlling the developers into producing the game in the first place. It ceertainly seemed the developers were his minions at the convention

On Friday night following the initial setup, vendors and guests were treated to drinks at Civic Theatre, Auckland.

Photos were taken on a rather bad pocket digital camera.

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