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here is the review of numbers etc from the Febuary armageddon expo. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we will have information on our next event in wellington soon. Cheers Bill For those of you without microsoft word, i have copied the file below as well Armageddon Auckland 2001 review. Armageddon expo was very well attended by patrons from all over NZ and had companies from America, England and Australia retailing their goods at the event. With a variety of guests from such shows as STARGATE SG1, DR WHO, FARSCAPE, XENA, DRAGONBALL Z as well as international comic creators attending Armageddon was the biggest gathering of international sci-fi celebrity’s ever for NZ. We also had the largest selection of stores to attend the event and utilized every area of the Aotea for the expo. The Music concert although well supported by promotion, never managed to achieve its potential audience, with a maximum of 400 people in the theatre. The most popular event at the show was the appearance of our three stargate guests, Teryl Rothery, Don S Davis and Peter Williams, with a steady line of fans purchasing autographs as well as 700-800 people crowding into the NZI room for their discussion session made them a huge draw. The third level with PLAYSTATION, SONY NZ, QUICKSILVER INTERNET and MICROSOFT always had a good flow of people through it and was bigger and more impressive than ever before. BREAKDOWN OF THE EVENT Approximately 13,000 attendees in total 2/3 attendees’ were Male 1/3 attendee’s were Female Age break down by survey of 300 people during sat/sun of Expo. (Unaccompanied children were not surveyed; this is reflected in the attendance breakdown) Under 12 9% 13 - 17 25% 18 - 30 38% 31 - 45 25% 45 - 3% Door entry percentages. Children 20% Adult 65% Family passes 15% Advertising TV4 $45,000 VALUE IN SPONSORED ADVERTISING 30SEC ADVERTS commencing four weeks prior to the event. PRIME 69 TV ADVERTS commencing two weeks prior to the event. BFM radio campaign. CHANNEL Z radio campaign. MORE FM radio Campaign. PRIME TIMES magazine double color page spread and half page article. CRACCUM full-page color advert. TV GUIDE double page full color advert and single page contest. PAVEMENT ? page full color advert. UP4IT full-page color advert. TEARAWAY 1/8 page advert. WEB SITE full ongoing update on the expo over the last year. HYPERSPACE full color advert in magazine (10,000 COPIES) VIDEOEZY full color advert in magazine (20,000 COPIES) TOTAL GAMES full color advert in magazine (38,000 COPIES) CIVICVIDEO full color advert in magazine (20,000 COPIES) TSV Full page b/w advert in NZ Dr Who magazine STICKERS 20,000 DRAGONBALL Z 20,000 DR WHO MEGAZINE 40,000 full color 24 page megazines POSTERS 200 A3 full color 300 AO b/w BANNER 13m-banner hung over Queen st two weeks prior to the event and the Aotea centre three days prior and during the expo. BIG DAY OUT - Stand to promote event and give away flyers Articles on the expo TV GUIDE double page full color interview with Colin Baker BFM one-hour interview on the wire with Ted Raimi 25-minute interview with Stargate guests on mike havocs breakfast show One-hour interview on the wire with Colin Baker 20-minute interview with Virginia Hey on Mike Havocs breakfast show MORE FM 20 minute interview with stargate guests on breakfast show 40-minute discussion with Dragonball Z actors on 3.30 afternoon show CHANNEL Z 15 minute interview with Colin Baker and Katy Manning on Breakfast show 20-minute interview with Dragonball Z actors at 11.30am MAI FM 20 minute interview with Dragonball Z actor on Breakfast show PRIME 3 minute segment on expo on prime living TV3 Segment on Friday 9th on tv3 news and nightline Segment on Monday 12th nightline on expo HERALD 1/10 page promoting the show in the what’s happening guide with full color picture ? page on Monday 12th Herald with Playstation picture and article 1/3 b/w interview in Saturday 3rd with Brian Bendis PAVEMENT 1 ? page editorial on expo in Febuary issue Listing on pavement diary TEARAWAY ? page color editorial SUNDAY NEWS ? page interview with Kevin Smith on page 4 The Future Armageddon has three events planned for 2001/2002 they are *Buffy the vampire slayer invitational, a special ticketed event to be held at the aotea centre on May 26th with guests including Emma Caulfield (ANYA) James Marsters (SPIKE) AND Brian Thompson (BUFFY & THE X FILES). *Pulp Culture Expo 2001 ? in Wellington at the Michael Fowler Centre on September 15th/16th, this event while not as big as the Auckland expo will have many of the same features, and will be our first pulp expo in Wellington. *Pulp Culture Expo 2002 - March/April 2002 is the proposed dates for the next Auckland expo, even bigger than before, we are waiting on confirmation for date from the Aotea before we announce this properly. Visit our web site www.pulpexpo.com Armageddon Buffy Invitational May 26th 2001 Armageddon Pulp Culture Expo Michael Fowler Centre Wellington September 15th/16th

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