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On Tue, 13 Feb 2001 7:30 AM martin typed:

>Lessons learnt
>1. NZ market smaller than expected
>2. Youth today do not know what roleplaying is (estimaed 0.1% to 0.01% may know)
>3. Games with appeal revolve around multimedia (computer) and tactile (Games Workshop)

Did the fold up vehicle concept get any responce? If so how fast should I try something else? Work on a few more for a valid range before looking elsewhere?

>4. Most adult roleplayers either do not have the time, or a group to play in
>5. other vendors had disappointing results as well
>6. Gary our Forerunner got popular and wound up on TV3 News after the Colin Baker/Doctor Who and Dalek segment

How about a set of card board (25mm gary’s).

>7. A 2 year old Apple LCD screen attracted mjore attention than those exhibited by Gateway or Sony
>8. Most customer were bargain hunters
>9. Roleplaying wasn’t well represented, and apart from ours, only D&D, GW and some Palladium on clearance was all that was to be found
>10. A wider product range was needed, possibly themed. UFO/Roswell seemed in demand, but no other vendors were supplying such.

I’ll look for my copies of Harmonics 33 and 695 they might be a source of insperation.

>11. A number of products were requested that were simply not present.

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