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Some of us probably still remember KAPCON 1995 as being the first gaming convention FSpace attended.

I’ve just found the stat sheet for the con. Apart from those people who we already know about, does anyone know the whereabouts in this day and age of some of the other people. Just want to atch up with them and see if they are interested in the game.

Name ? location Mr G Ammundsen ? Wellington Mr D Jackson ? Palmerston North Mr C Manning ? Palmerston North Mr J Moriarty ? Wellington Mr R A Powell ? Bulls Mr S Pritchard ? Lower Hutt

A total of 187 people attended the convention.

Comments made * Would have been better if it was possible to start fast * Complex and confusing …. but fun towards the fun * Very limited. Some characters had no opportunity to be played properly

Well I hope Conspiracy 1997 was received better. We got one developer, Stephen, from Kapcon 1995.

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