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FSpace Publications will be attending KAPCON XI in Wellington, New Zealand this weekend.

After a number of hasty arrangements we have secured our attendance at the last minute.

We are attending as a vendor, and to demo the game.

The Turram Encounter

Gary Ammundsen will be running The Turram Encounter scenario, modified somewhat for a shorter time span to fit the convention.

The exact time for the game has yet to be finalised, so please contact the event organisers at email to find out when it will he held.

Vendor Specials

FSpace Publications will be holding an event only suite of deals on products including our range of second goods available from fspacerpg store.

Of main note is that FSpace2001 CDs are only NZ$5 at the event, and the Reference Manual packs are only NZ$15.

For those who already own the CD version only, the Reference Manuals themselves will be sold for $10 separately.

And remember, every purchase gives you a registration card to go in our prize draw.

KAPCON XI is being held at the Northland Community Hall, 5 Woburn Road, Northland, Wellington.

This weekend, 19th and 20th of January

for more details visit website.

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