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Since we’ve done in the past mobile apps for iOS and Android, along with Atari ST, Windows desktop and macOS/OSX desktop, people might wonder if we will support Huawei’s upcoming HarmonyOS for RPG utility apps.

The answer is we might, but a lot depends on how it works, what the development tools/languages are and what the cost of entry and ongoing presence is to any AppStore. And an important thing in dealing with the Chinese is how respectful are they going to be of intellectual property from outside of China, as well as how secure will code me on devices.

We don’t have the answers to these questions at the moment. Huawei appear to be hedging their bets and not releasing smartphones with HarmonyOS yet. And no actual developer tools, documentation and the like have actually been released. It could be a dud - or they might just rely on Android apps to fuel their start, delivered from current Chinese Android app stores.

We’ll watch this space and see if anything happens.

In the past we did begin preparations for other platforms - having worked on initial apps for Palm WebOS and Windows Phone 8+, but never got to the next stage of an actual release. With other OSs trying to start and then tank, or die after being an incumbent, we won’t dive in straight away. Also we need to be careful of costs versus the return. Our forthcoming issue of Fed Times 15 will provide some insight into the performance over nearly a decade in the iOS AppStore, and why these days we stepped back from continual investment in the bulk of our apps.

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