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We had a query recently about individual ship naming of counters for every ship within the class (for our WW2 naval counters).

A handful of the ships are individually named, but like most navies they had a number of classes with similar appearance.

As the author of SeaLion Supremacy and creator of the models used for the counters told me, opposing forces may need to spend some effort identifying the individual named vessels, since silhouettes between ships will be similar at a distance. This adds to some realistic taks for gaming that might be involved.

Counters have names for either the specific ship, or just the representative class name. A small white circle area on each counter allows you to number/letter them to uniquely identify the ship when in use.

I’ve discussed with the creator of the ships about updating the counter books later where we provide extensive class ship name lists (although these can easily be found online), and the potential of rolling out complete individual counters for every ship on the class lists. Watch this space.

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