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At Apple’s WWDC this week, it was revealed that the Dashboard which is used to drive Widgets is officially being phased out in favour of macOS Notification Center.

This is an odd change which really hampers micro tool usage.

We’ve also encountered issues getting Dashboard running effectively on High Sierra and Mojave. Apple officially disable Dashboard by default since OSX 10.10 Yosemite, but you’ve always been able to turn it back on.

We’ll continue to ensure FSpaceRSS remain available as a direct download from our website and at MacUpdate as long as they support it.

We’ll be looking at some alternatives for the future. With Apple about to support easy porting of iOS apps to the Mac, and thus availability in the MacAppStore, we may need to review and look at our FSpaceRSS for iOS (which is currently withdrawn while we deal with a modernisation path).

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