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This is one of the various business ventures owned by Dr Gehert Smidt in the FSpaceRPG universe setting.

Originally founded in 2162AD to support initial American and European government licensed commercial mining operators at Barnards to supply a orbital repair shack for small mining and transport vessels in the system.

Setup as an independent firm from Gehert’s other construction yards in orbit around Earth, to limit potential losses due to investment and expansion during the early expansion and colonisation efforts, And being seperate, it allowed the firm to focus on orbital repairs, and a space dock and construction for small craft - differing to the larger Earth orbital construction facilities.

The company has rapidly expanded as American and European interests expanded, buy Gehert has concerned expansion where he has been able to gain government contracts - which means his operations for this firm have been lucky enough to avoid the main and secondary conflict zones of the Serpenti War.

By the mid 2170s the company has repair shacks in various systems:

  • Barnards = 1
  • Vega = 1
  • Abenstein = 2
  • Arlington = 2
  • Nouvelle Quebec = 1

In 2176 AD, Gehert transfers from his main ventures, 2 orbital shacks in Lunar orbit and one high Earth orbit one.

Gehert believes he may be close to a deal with the Chinese government to allow a high orbit shack at Hujiang, and will attend the Interstellar Trade and Security Conference being held at the Alpha 9 Space Station in an effort to discuss a possible deal with the Daryn.

So far Gehert has been unsuccessful with contracts with British and Russian interests, but he sees expansion at Victoria as inevitable given the increasing civil and commercial operations with the freeing up of hyperdrive technology. Given his concentration in a region dominated with trade routes out to the Coalition and some allied alien homewards, the company prospective has a stated goal of supplying services along these corridors.

While several billion dollars have been invested to date, returns, while profitable, are relatively low - typical of similar operations because the industry has pretty cut throat margins due to competition in Sol system. Rather than milk colonial pricing, Gehert’s strategy with this company appears to be to start at a competitive level to limit the influx of Terran competition for a while in the systems he gets an early foothold into.

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