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The following apps have been replaced by our FSpaceDice iOS app that contains all the features of the deprecated apps.

These apps have already been removed from the AppStore by Apple or about to be removed in about 4 weeks time. No further updates will be issued for the standalone apps.

Those apps now found in the FSpaceDice app are:

  • Aronhi Basic Word Generator
  • CraterSizeXL
  • FlyWheel Energy Storage Calc
  • FSpace Alien Statistic Generator
  • FSpace Damage Calculator
  • FSpace SkillCheck
  • FSpace SkillCheck XL
  • HyperDrive
  • Japanese Style Random Word Gen
  • NukeCalc
  • PlanetaryAge
  • PulseWarp
  • PlanetWeight
  • Rocket Acceleration Time
  • Rocket Travel Time
  • SpinHabitat
  • World Temperature Calculator

Apple are removing these because we haven’t made updates recently or made them more native and interactive according to their revised quality criteria. More apps than these are affected, and some have already been targeted by them this year. Due to the low level of sales we can’t justify continuing to maintain them all, so have targeted those that can be merged into a collection app like FSpaceDice. This apps is really cheap when you consider the original selling price of all the apps included. More apps will be merged in the future.

We really appreciate those customers who purchased our apps previously, and we ask that you support us in this transition and buy FSpaceDice so that we can earn enough revenue to keep above the cost of being in the AppStore - as revenues have tumbled to 10% of our peak.

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