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A while ago I withdrew all the Android ebook apps from the Google Play Store - because the apps we produced with a purchased piece of software were not compatible with Android 7, 8 and above, and unfortunately were still available for purcahse and install via the Play Store.

I’ve done a little digging and the developer who builds thw APK files didn;t restrict Android SDK versions - something the Play Store does respect - so my decision to pull the apps still standa for now. Hopefully in the future I can modify them produce an update and allow them back on the store for the vast majority who still use older Android devices.

But not all is lost. For now, I’m beginning to make the original APKs available via OneBookshelf attached as an additional download to the related book product they were built from.

The same problem exist with Android versions, but at least there I can communicate it.

Also it important to note the APK is an extra to the listing and you still get the PDF version. Now you does get a free extra with your purchase.

Most products never received an Android ebook APK app version, so don’t expect this across most of our titles, and certainly not ones done in recent years.

We’ll continue to do some research for a future PlayStore update. Until then, those shopping on the PlayStore can buy the normal ebooks in the Books section. Later this year we’ll return some of the titles removed recently and deliver all our recent titles that make sense being in this channel.

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