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Given Facebook continues with insidious tracking, data mining and allowing sociopolitical manipulation with this data, I’ve taken the bold step to begin the process of distancing this business from using Facebook and might join #DeleteFacebook in full soon.

So far I’ve removed all the obvious Facebook Like integration - and to be honest all social media integration. This helps stop Facebook track you across our site when you use a normal browser.

For those who still want to social share a page of ours, most mobile browsers and many modern desktop ones have share features or extensions/addons that give you this feature and with the services you want to use, rather than ours. We’ve just made it easier to preserve the privacy of those who don’t need that feature.

On our company devices we’ve removed Facebook from all the company iOS and Android devices and removed the Facebook account from the Macs.

Along with these steps we are reviewing all social media use based on practices of the vendors towards data mining of personal private data.

For now every month or so you might see a post from me in the group we have on Facebook - but given it hasn’t attracted enough attention from the users of our products - like most social media channels we use, I’m not sure how long the company will bother to use it as a communications and promotion channel.

I hope this removal of Facebook from our site is welcomed by the community.

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