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Taking a break from our own product work I went to a concert by the NZSO playing to Star Wars Episode IV back on 10 March here in Wellington.

Great to hear the music for the entire movie as a live performance, and a chance to watch the Spec Ed of A New Hope on the big screen again.

Quite a few people in costume to stand and get selfies with or photograph your mates.

I’d like to thank our benefactor for providing the ticket - it was a welcome break from what has been a tough stretch.

And it reminded me of my departed grandmother who used to be the tea lady for the NZSO when I was a young lad. One birthday she arranged for one of the orchestra members to play Star Wars on his trumpet for me. So I have a somewhat personal historic connection with both the NZSO and Star Wars - great to see the official combination. And a retroactive thanks to those now long departed who gave me a birthday treat many decades ago.

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