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The near and far future will still be a place in which the insurance industry thrives and colonials, explorers and adventurers will still need insurance for their day to day assets and activities.

Deneb Insurance LLC a member of the Global Insurance Group of companies is the leading colonial insurer in the 22nd century and beyond.

Offering personal general & medical insurance and a range of commercial insurance policies including fleet vehicles, farming and forestry colonies, and even the odd private starship and spacecraft. IT has a range of insurances to suit your needs.

It has physical offices on all major human colonies and licenced broker agents on major commercial colonies, along with star.net web/vr and cyberspace presences, it can be relied on to be found in more locations in human space than any other human insurance company.

Deneb has a AAA Claims Payment Ability Rating and is listed in the Colnial Futures Top 50 company index.

Even if you aren’t colonial, Deneb also maintain offices in London, Toulouse, Hamburg, Melbourne, Auckland & Quito and can handle your terrestrial personal insurnace needs as well.

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