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The canon Traveller universe of the 3rd Imperium really does lack virgin frontiers for the Imperium. There is scope to drop Aethros rim ward of the Solomani or far spin ward from the Imperium to get that distant outpost feeling, and still play recognisable humans.

That doesn’t stop you using it for Aslan, K’Kree, Hivers, Vargr or Zhodani. But you’ll have to adapt motivations and organisations.

Encountering aliens as scenario nuggets will really hinge on who you are and what aliens are nearby.

I’ve always favourited the Stotatl Empire as something you could use as an analog to the Zhodani - they do differ a lot - but it is a nearest fit. There is no equivalent to the Mechs in Traveller, unless you play in the TNE era and are dealing with Virus controlled capital class ships. Aronhi, even though they are cat-like may in some way when they are acting as raiders act more like Vargr Corsairs - so that scenario has a match. The Coalition are more like the neighbourhood good guy that is okay with your empire - choose whichever works.

In the end the system makes a good drop in without most of the scenario nuggets.

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