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Aethros is the perfect kind of star system to drop into a Star Trek universe.

Plenty of frontiers exist in that universe, and many systems have never even had ancient civilisations present on them, allowing you to have crisp virgin territory to explore.

The Aronhi Raiders scenario idea presented in the supplement, while fitting FSpace is actually partially inspired by an Enterprise episode where Klingons raid a gas mining outpost, and the Enterprise helps out.

Clearly at Aethros you might be able to run something similar.

The Mech encounter scenario idea is a completely different behaviour than say the Borg which you might try to adapt it to. The Borg if they aren’t otherwise engaged in other affairs, would still take the time to assimilate the outpost and take the biologic distinctiveness knowledge the humans have gathered about the life on the world present.

You would certainly have Starfleet want to investigate the loss of communications with a science outpost, or even a science vessel that was also lost when investigating the loss of communications from the outpost. Of course almost any aggressive aliens might be responsible. Trek has a rich level of detail of it’s own, and it prudent for a GM to draw on this. Aethros will need a little bit of adaptation, but it will give you a great star system to drop in and fill in a blank spot on any frontier map you might have for your campaign.

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