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The Star Wars universe is still about a vast galaxy, and one while well inhabited still has the odd unsettled and possibly unexplored worlds for various historic reasons.

The Aethros system makes a perfect candidate for a hidden Rebel base. Who said some scientists sympathetic to the rebels won’t continue on doing science.

Obviously encounters with Imperials, bounty hunters, rebels and other galactic groups all need to replace the groups mentioned in the supplement.

Check out the animated Rebels series and the small base Phoenix Squadron set up - make Aethros look like the kind of thing that might get used for one.

If you are playing in the Clone Wars era, then motivations for exploration and setting up a colony here would be very different.

Experiment as needed, but you have the opportunity to use this system as a drop in and one that isn’t going to be out of place or unbalance anything in particular.

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