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The Alien universe has received a fresh boost in recent years with 2 recent movies, but has also set up some issues with how the Aliens and Predator crossover was going to work. And lets face it Alien 3 onwards really mucked up some of the themes playing out in the licensed comic series before that movie came out.

That universe is a really vast one, unexplored and not a lot of common contact with starfaring aliens.

The system is a great one to drop in, especially given long travel times, and the locals having to be self sufficient for long stretches.

Encounters with Aliens, Builders or Predators (if that is part of your Alien universe) will each have a unique setup given the worlds found in Aethros and the lack of higher lifeforms. Aliens with only have humans and their larger limited livestock to breed from - limiting the scope of infestation. Given military resources are limited, it will take a lot of brains, luck and cunning to come out of top - and survive afterwards to tell the tale - better still to save the outpost and keep going.

What a find if the outpost gains great biologic samples or technology out of an encounter with any of those species mentioned. Might dovetail nicely into some intrigue elsewhere.

Also a perfect location for the Colonial Marines to come to the rescue.

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