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Life remains a revolving door. Back in 2011, I was redundant for nearly 2 years before my work returned to nearly full time levels and I could fund the game better.

No aid came from the community at the time, but stakeholders who had already written products in the past did help me find gainful work. I recently acknowledged the help of Stephen Pritchard in landing significant work with MetService in 2011.

In 2011 revenue was dominantly about the sale of iOS apps. The revenue from this has plunged significantly. RPG product revenue as ebooks at OneBookshelf has increased since then, but our big boost comes on the recent prolific work of Philip Warnes - and as a royalty earner is the primary beneficiary of this.

So as I write this post FSpace Publications from RPG, Ebooks, iOS Apps and Adverts is generating about NZD $1000 per annum in revenue before expenses (and after royalties). A tumble of 75% from the heights achieved.

Worse still was my long run of good contracts and employment ended at the end of 2016, and for only the first half of 2017 did I receive moments of liveable income from some contracts.

Today I’m unemployed and my living costs are paid from poverty level government assistance.

FSpace Publications has no capital to speak of, and since the main computer died at Xmas 2017, I wiped out over half of my remaining personal cash reserves replacing it (otherwise you wouldn’t be seeing new products, or even reading this website now).

So I am back to needing help.

I’m working hard on new products, and other stakeholders work in their spare time on some new products as well. You can see from last year we delivered quite a bit. This year will be no exception. Working nearly full time on this while still job hunting and retraining is tiring and I hope our customer base likes what we’ve done before and will support us in buying new product releases.

We have a massive product backlog, but unfortunately I have no help in delivering it to market and no capital to contract others to fill that gap.

If someone wants to support my creative endeavour in this tiny part of the world, in a small backwater of the Wellington region far from the gleaming offices of Wellywood, then I’m open to such help.

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