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This week we celebrated the 27th anniversary of the creation of our FED/FSpace product range, and those who became involved in the project many years before we truly went commercial.

This year we gathered together Andrew, Gary, Stephen and I (Martin) at Fork & Brewer the pub that used to be the Bond Street Inn - the location of many initial game during the founding year.

We enjoyed the launch of a new white cloudy wheat beer this brewery pub had done - helping those with a love of such beer to have a unique experience.

We had the chance to play test our new forthcoming simple boardgame - The Serpenti Quadrant Bounty Hunt, as well as catchup on our mutual lives.

Every so often we honor people with an award, and this time Stephen was honored with an award for Facilitating Financial Aid.

Our business is founded on a cooperative model, not a commercial corporate model, nd as such most of the funding comes from the pockets of the individuals involved. But at it’s heart - FSpace Publications is a sole trader owned and operated by myself (Martin Rait). At various times through my working life to date, I have found myself without a job. And like all good friends, all present at the table for the anniversary have helped me find work at various times.

Stephen played a critical part in introducing me to MetService and encouraging an interview that has led to a term of employment and various smaller contracts. At a time when I was with little work and 2 years out from a redundancy from Wellington City Council and facing an upcoming loss of my house (I’d already been party to a sale of the family home a decade earlier), this turned the tide. Not only did this work personally, it has helped fund FSpace. All the computing hardware and software in use today has all been funded thanks to that shift in fortunes.

This award is timely because my fortunes shifted towards the negative again and I find myself unemployed. So it pays to recognise those who have helped.

Working on roleplaying games, wargames and tabletop accessories for us at the moment is not something that any member generates a liveable income from, and for me, that means a really hard slog - and a desperate search for work.

So I’d also like to take a moment, and thank you, the customer for buying our products, whether during our anniversary sale recently, any of the recent sales at OneBookshelf, or any other purchase.

Every customer who buys something is important, and every cent helps myself out, and any of the others who are using their royalty shares to supplement their incomes. We all thank you, and look forward to the coming year to deliver you more new products, and maybe revising the odd piece in our back catalog to add a bit more value for you.


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